Servicing local communities in developing commerce through simplistic network publishing.
If you have ever looked at something laying around and thought, "I wish I could find the right person to sell that for some real serious cash!" Then the realization sets in that you really don't have any idea how to find that unique person? Someone will tell you advertise in the local paper or maybe put up some fliers at the local supermarket.

Then someone is going to suggest it could be sold to on the internet. It has such a far reaching impact to connect others to your unique item and the abundance of potential lookers would be astronomical in comparison to garage selling or local paper/flyer distribution . Your going to counter that you have not the first clue about computers or internet publishing and believe it very well could sell if only someone else could just handle the technical side. Or maybe you know exactly how to get items on the internet but your day to day life (works, kids, school, doctors, etc.) keep you from effectively being available to make a sale even if you wanted to try it yourself.

Contact us and see first hand how our proven publishing service has impacted over 1347 individuals throughout our local and surrounding communities. Brokering internet sales on the behalf of individuals has resulted in over $4,612,220 in gross sales thus far with over 1 million picture views a month and sales from all over the globe. Customers have come from as far as Mexico City Mexico, Arkansas. Mississippi, Virginia, Chicago, Canada, and all over the South to buy everything under the sun including farm equipment, cars, trucks, hot rods, animals, and on and on. Nothing is impossible to sell if the right tools are in place, a competitive price to sell item for is established, and the right people capable of utilizing the full potential of those tools are in place using them for a positive outcome. But all this won't occur without you participating.

Here is what my clients say they enjoy:
"Simplistic access to have internet exposure without studying or developing any computer skills but reaping the full sales potential the internet provides."
"Not dealing with any phone calls, tire kickers, window shoppers, time wasters, etc.."
"Pricing and item research analysis is available. Most people don't know what the fair market price is or how to go about finding a value in what they possess. Some have no idea what they even own or what is called. Since our service sells for you, we want to know what we can fairly ask."
"Someone provides the drive and initiative to FOLLOW THROUGH and actually sell the item. Many clients we have encountered had been trying to sell there items for over a year only to find our system sold the same item in a week. Without items or those items selling we make nothing. We are extremely driven to get results so we can pay the bills and develop a stronger network."

Call 256-694-0194 to arrange a session. It's FREE to try and you pay nothing if we don't provide results. We have numerous local references and if you haven't heard about us yet you will. Our network has grown exponentially month to month and has withstood three years of growth in a hurting economy. Please click on the Community picks tab on this page to see what our community has to sell. I'm a one man show so this page will be improved in time. Thanks.